Curse of the Burning Belle by Gaelan Kelly

Back in the late 2000's while I was working at the Santa Cruz Good Times I was offered the opportunity to team up with Writer and reporter Damon Orion to illustrate his Halloween poem "The Curse of the Burning Belle". 

It was a very fun project but something I have never posted before. I think only GT Art Director, Josh Becker was able to name all the references I snuck in. Well, maybe not all of them.

one time we found porn in the woods club by Gaelan Kelly

Mr. Isaac Conway once posited that:

"There’s some weird Johnny Apple Seed out there leaving moldy copies of “Juggs" or "Foxxy and 40" out in the woods. It was rarely the more high brow gentlemen's magazines and more of the gross overly-lit spank mags. I’ve heard it called different things but the only one I can remember right now is "woods porn”

In the woods or behind a dumpster I think most have had an experience like this. An experience that seems to be a profound exclamation mark in the adolescence of most. Sadly this dodgy discovery is quickly becoming a remnant of the past. Dang kids with their cell phones and computers.

Are you a member of this (hardly elite) club?