one time we found porn in the woods club

Mr. Isaac Conway once posited that:

"There’s some weird Johnny Apple Seed out there leaving moldy copies of “Juggs" or "Foxxy and 40" out in the woods. It was rarely the more high brow gentlemen's magazines and more of the gross overly-lit spank mags. I’ve heard it called different things but the only one I can remember right now is "woods porn”

In the woods or behind a dumpster I think most have had an experience like this. An experience that seems to be a profound exclamation mark in the adolescence of most. Sadly this dodgy discovery is quickly becoming a remnant of the past. Dang kids with their cell phones and computers.

Are you a member of this (hardly elite) club? 


Fictional Chartography Show

On the wall at the Hummingbird Saloon

Skull Island

A lovely day for a drive!

I'm happy to announce that I am (finally) showing my collection of fictional maps! 

Twelve maps are on display now at the Humming Bird Saloon in Columbia Cit (they also have shuffleboard!) 

This project began as a collection for the enjoyment of my kids. For each new book we read together I would make a map from the book; for the books I read were well known for the maps they included on their inside jackets. This process involved finding an old black and white scan from preferably the first edition of a book. I would then painstakingly paint on top of the reproduction to add color and dimension. Finally, I go back with a fine point pen to reestablish important details and flourishes. Not the same process I have used for the original maps I have created in the past but I needed to retain the familiarity that these maps would have with their readers. And with me for that matter.

First up (way back last year) was The Hobbit and it's corresponding map of Middle Earth. My kids and I could track Bilbo and the Dwarves along their path to the Lonely Mountain. Then came Treasure Island! One can't read about Jim, Long John and Old Ben Gunn without a treasure map! ...And things kind of snowballed from there. After a while I started expanding beyond what I was reading to my children to things I was reading (or had read). Things like H.P. Lovecraft, and Jules Verne then eventually to classic monster movies. 

I have more then what is on display at the Hummingbird Saloon (many!) but framing is expensive so I opted to display those maps that got the project running in the beginning and would be most recognizable to non-fictional cartography junkies.

I hope you take the time to go check them out! -G

Recently I have begun accepting commissions for those that wish to have a few classic maps with a hand made touch. Interested parties can contact me here.

Finch Beer's Fascist Pig Ale

Today I received a lovely package from Michael Demetrus of Chicago's Finch Beer Company. It contained a few bottles of Michael's Fascist Pig Ale, Finch's newest beer with a label designed by Gaelan Kelly Creative! Description from the bottle:

"A deep red malt-forward ale brewed with plenty of caramel malts and a touch of rye. Brewed and dry-hopped with Palisade and Zythos hops." 

I've always wanted to try my hand at a beer bottle and thanks to Michael I got the opportunity. Unfortunately this Ale is only available in Chicago and outlying areas but if you live in the windy city I recommend heading to your nearest pub and asking about it. You can also find bars and restaurants that carry Fascist Pig Ale at Finch's website

Finally, a bit of insider trivia, the loud shirt that the Fascist Pig is sporting on the label is the same shirt Tony Montana wears in Scarface.



PS, Mick D is also a crossword constructor, you can find some of his killer crosswords in my links section.

A Kids Map of their Turf

Nostalgia is definitely an "it" thing these days. For better or worst most of us hold certain things from our past in a kind of religious regard, elevating even old toys to huge significance in our minds. Sometimes it leeks out when we least expect it, "They can't remake The Karate Kid! That movie is art for cristsake!". I'm definitely guilty of this, I've saved all my old toys from when I was a kid and now they are being played with by my kids. I have to say it does feel like a little piece of me dies every time one of my children pops the head off an old Star Wars guy.

There is a second layer of reverential nostalgia at play for many of us and certainly with me. The place I grew up, the neighborhood I spent my entire childhood and all the explorations, mock-battles, forts, races and treasures that were a part of that place. For me, my siblings and the other kids in the neighborhood (that I'm still in contact with), I've made a map of all our childhood haunts (though not our teen haunts). I've tried to include all the geographical names I could remember as well as any points of interest that I could recall. 

Obviously I'm doubling-down on that whole reverential nostalgia thing here. 

Click on image to bigger-ize

Other works of nostalgia include "Our House" and just about everything else I do.

The Slow Coast Green Fondo

Here is the poster I've done for the Slow Coast Green Fondo, a cycling ride in Santa Cruz, California that supports local non-profits and promotes green energy solutions. If you like to ride and live in the Bay Area you should go for a ride!

56 Miles | Bonny Doon TT

Sunday, April 29th 

The 2012 Slow Coast Green Fondo is the official Pre-Tour of California event for Santa Cruz County.

Custom Wedding Illustration

My friend and extremely talented Seattle wedding photographer Sean Hoyt has written a blog post over at Affinity Photography documenting my process when creating a custom wedding crest for newly-wed couple, Nick and Kelsey.

This is something I've been gearing up in the past few months, offering customized wedding, family or just celebrational crests. These hand painted illustrations incorporate elements that help represent the individual style and personalities of a couple, family or individual. 

Here is the crest I created for  Nick and Kelsey (who are both pilots).

Nick and Kelsey Wedding Crest

For more examples and other useful information about my custom wedding illustrations visit my custom wedding illustration page


New Sketchbook

Ah, a new sketchbook, it's been a while. Normally my fallback sketchbook is a larger (11x14) hardback drawing book. When you fill one of those suckers up you feel a real sense of accomplishment, and they look great all lined up on your book shelf too. Lately though, it's taken me way too long to fill one up and I have a nasty habit of breaking their spines. So most of the books I do fill end up all taped and glued to hell. Also the size can be a bit unruly and they don't take wet media. This time around I've gone small (5.5x8.5), spiral-bound (which I know I'll bend and end up loosing pages), and instead of drawing paper I'm going with 140# Cold Press! 
So far I'm only a few pages in, the first page in my opinion is always the worst (like the first pancake) so here is page 2. Zombie Robot Space-Suite is what I'm calling it.
Zombie Robot Space-Suite