Gaelan Kelly is an illustrator, designer and painter. Gaelan's work has been featured in numerous books, publications, posters, and product designs. Gaelan's work has also been featured on such websites as,,, AIGA's Design Envy, The Huffington Post, WBEZ Chicago, The Washington Post Style and many more. Winner of Seattle Bride Magazine's Best Of 2012 for Best Wedding Artwork and Creative Child Magazine's 2013 Media of the Year Award.

Raised by beatniks in the Santa Cruz mountains, Gaelan was expected to be a great leader of our time. This proved to be unfruitful due to a diet of popcorn, home grown veggies and goldenseal. Now wildly too tall for his own good and learning about the glory of fried food, Gaelan spends much of his time drawing and painting pictures, designing things and being generally creative in Seattle with his wife and kids.

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