The Mount Baker View Newsletter

As the Mount Baker View Designer I am intimately involved in the look and feel of the View Newsletter. Produced 4 times a year in approximately August, November, February and April, this print newsletter is delivered to nearly 5000 homes in the Mount Baker area. Featuring articles about Club business, upcoming events and current issues in our area, The Mount Baker View is a tradition that goes back to the beginnings of the Club in 1909. 

Advertisement Design Services

Don't just scan your business card, get the most out of your advertisement. I offer design services to help you maximize interest in your business. Let's work together.

  • Single-size ad Image Size: 2.127"h x 3.627"w 
    (638x1088) With two rounds of edits - $75

  • Double-size ad Image Size: 4.254"h x 3.627"w 
    (1276 x1088) With two rounds of edits- $125

Because the MBCC View is not a color publication final designs will be in grey-scale  If you would like your advertisement in full color for use in other publications and media add an additional $25.

Send me a message and let's get started. 


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