PART 2 How the NPR voices look (in my head) / by Gaelan

This is who I see in my head when I listen to NPR these days... PART 2! I had such a great reaction to part 1 in this series and want to thank everyone who sent me messages and shared it with their friends. 

The fact is that the folks at NPR have difficult names to spell (this coming from someone named Gaelan). So it's probably no suprise to anybody that after I had finished with the drawings I needed to go online to find the correct spelling and fill in the names. This was (for the most part) the first time I actually saw what these NPR personalities really looked like. Turns out their photos are all over, huh, who knew?

So, once again sorry in advance, but between you and me... I understand why they say "If you must choose between printing the legend or the truth, print the legend." Zing!...*sigh. 

NPR How the voices look in my head PART 2 by Gaelan Kelly.jpg

A final thought: I still can't find what this "Tori Malateo" character looks like. The dude is an enigma wrapped in a riddle topped with a catchy nick-name.

UPDATE: It's Torey Malatia! See what happens when you search a wrong spelling? I blame Google, and myself... And society.

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