Pro/Con 1993 / by Gaelan

This is amazing. I remember going to this comic convention way back in the day and looking for anyone who was willing to do me a sketch or even just sign their name. I'm trying to figure out who some of these people are. Some are obvious and some are really  obscure or illegible.

So far the names I can make out are:

  • Steve Oliff
  • Atlantis Fantasy World (The comic shop I worked at through Jr High and High School)
  • Rai (Signed with lipstick!)
  • Valiant Comics, Bob Layton (?)
  • Malibu Comics
  • Marvel Comics, Don Daley, (?), (?)
  • Previews (The direct market overlords at Diamond)
  • Eclipse Comics
  • Dark Hourse Comics, (?)
  • DC Comics, Robert Simpson
  • Doonesbury (someone just wrote doonesbury)
  • Gordon Wrell (?)
  • Medley (could this be Linda Medley? Kinda looks like her style a bit)
  • Al Simmons AKA Spawn

So far that is all I can figure out. Although I remember the guy who drew Stimpie was a Staple at those little cons.