Gaelan Kelly

Retirement and Thank You Cards by Gaelan Kelly

UFCW 21 President Dave Schmitz and WTF's Marc Maron

I've been pretty busy so I haven't been able to update lately, however, here are a few gifts I made recently. The first is a gift to the great Dave Schmitz, on his retirement. The other is a tribute card to musician Bekah Burnett, the Urban Mistral. 

Bekah Burnett Tribute Art

Curse of the Burning Belle by Gaelan Kelly

Back in the late 2000's while I was working at the Santa Cruz Good Times I was offered the opportunity to team up with Writer and reporter Damon Orion to illustrate his Halloween poem "The Curse of the Burning Belle". 

It was a very fun project but something I have never posted before. I think only GT Art Director, Josh Becker was able to name all the references I snuck in. Well, maybe not all of them.