New Sketchbook by Gaelan

Ah, a new sketchbook, it's been a while. Normally my fallback sketchbook is a larger (11x14) hardback drawing book. When you fill one of those suckers up you feel a real sense of accomplishment, and they look great all lined up on your book shelf too. Lately though, it's taken me way too long to fill one up and I have a nasty habit of breaking their spines. So most of the books I do fill end up all taped and glued to hell. Also the size can be a bit unruly and they don't take wet media. This time around I've gone small (5.5x8.5), spiral-bound (which I know I'll bend and end up loosing pages), and instead of drawing paper I'm going with 140# Cold Press! 
So far I'm only a few pages in, the first page in my opinion is always the worst (like the first pancake) so here is page 2. Zombie Robot Space-Suite is what I'm calling it.
Zombie Robot Space-Suite