wedding gift

Ariel and Sharon Family Crest by Gaelan

This summer I saw two very close friends get married which (obviously) means art projects! Step one: A new family crest. Sure, it's a bit goofy, and yeah I have no explanation for the tentacles, but just think how annoyed it will make their descendents!

Ariel and Sharon Family Crest.jpg

The next part of the gift I did with a small group of the newlyweds close friends. The idea was for each of us to give them a part of a dining set. Mrs. Levenson handled the cutlery, Mrs. Anatrone provided the napkins, Mrs. Findlay the contracts and I provided the plates.

Ariel and Sharon Plates Stacked.jpg

These are the plates stacked. (Again with the tentacles, I know). Each plate has a Roman numeral on it and when they are stacked in the right way they reveal the year of the wedding, or spell something unpronounceable. Here are the four un-stacked.

Ariel and Sharon all four plates.jpg

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