Escape from Shipwreck Island by Gaelan Kelly

New Game! You've been shipwrecked on a mysterious island. Now you must race your fellow survivors through  jungles and over volcanoes as you vie for the last open spot on the last ship leaving from an abandoned mining colony. But beware, this island has many dangers lurking just a die throw or a chance card away.  Escape from Shipwreck Island is a basic marble & dice game for up to 4 players.

20"x35", Hand crafted and painted by Gaelan Kelly

Retirement and Thank You Cards by Gaelan Kelly

UFCW 21 President Dave Schmitz and WTF's Marc Maron

I've been pretty busy so I haven't been able to update lately, however, here are a few gifts I made recently. The first is a gift to the great Dave Schmitz, on his retirement. The other is a tribute card to musician Bekah Burnett, the Urban Mistral. 

Bekah Burnett Tribute Art